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Brewed Behavior is where experience, knowledge and passion lead to success in specialty coffee. We help coffee producers, roasters and retailers get to where they want to be, with consulting services tailored specifically for them.

Are you currently developing your business concept? Or do you want to improve your established operation? No matter where you’re at in the process, our unique approach to coffee consulting will teach you to grow and sustain your bottom line.

Starting with the latest trending data, demographic studies and cost analyses, we’ll help you build your business on a solid foundation of training, product development, processes, launch support and more.

For Roasters

Your Concept and Corporate Structure

We help create your brand's point of view with detailed retail,

wholesale and production concepts, as well as a business

model that will succeed.


Market Research, Sales & Marketing

We give your brand resonance in the market with evaluations

of the competition, consumer polls, and product testing.


Market and Channel Planning

We can design and implement multi-channel strategies in a

variety of markets, whether you compete in retail, wholesale

or franchise environments.


Project and Systems Development

We will build your master timeline and plan for:

• Production facility construction

• Marketing planning & implementation

• Store planning, construction & roll out

• Wholesale business development

• Training

• After-launch support


Product Development

Find out what the consumer really wants. Our U.S.-based lab staffs experts in

coffee, tea and non-coffee beverage and food development. Our solutions include:

• Recipe development and implementation

• Analytical & consumer testing

• Equipment sourcing & specification

• Strategic supplier alliances

& supply-chain solutions

• Production-quality assurance testing


Coffee Evaluation

We create roast profiles from your green coffee samples that

will resonate with your brand and your customers. We can

also evaluate coffees that you've roasted, and give you

detailed feedback.


Green-Sourcing Quality Control

We can source your green coffee, and help you learn the ropes so you can

source your own over time.

We can also take you to origin to learn about coffee agronomy right on the

farm. You'll learn coffee milling first hand, and meet like-minded coffee

producers with whom you can forge working relationships.


Production Facility Management

We partner with premier manufacturers of coffee roasting systems, and can

help you design, build and staff the perfect facility for your product and

distribution needs.

We can create, fine-tune and manage production in these areas:

• Green coffee receiving & cleaning

• Storage of raw materials

• Roasting & packaging

• Staging & shipping

• Quality assurance

• Food production (if required)

• Storage of allied products

For Producers


We find the best ways to increase your coffee's quality and yields,

by working with agronomists who know coffee. They will carefully

analyze every variable contributing to your coffee's quality, and

help you improve growing methods where necessary.



Once harvested, careful processing further assures your

coffee's quality. From picking coffee at the right time and in

the right way, then milling and drying it to perfection, we'll

help you create a product you'll be proud of.


Production Facility Management

We can help you design, build and staff the perfect facility for

your coffee processing and distribution needs:

• Green coffee cleaning & milling

• Storage of raw materials

• Staging & shipping

• Quality assurance


Market Access

We build recognition for your coffee so you can secure strategic partnerships. We can help you successfully distribute your coffees through international channels, to the right customer base, so you can build long-term relationships with roasters.

For Retailers

Retail Design and Buildout

We fully manage the design, construction and outfitting of retail

chains. Our specialized skill set includes:

• Concept-appropriate store design

• Ergonomics & time in motion

• Equipment-specific utility requirements

• Functional aesthetics

• Lighting

• Menu development


Retail Training and Sales Support

Your staff must be prepared to implement the high standards set by your company mission. We'll give you the operations templates necessary to match your people with the tasks they'll need to execute.


Launch Support

New coffee companies have the opportunity to make a distinct impression in their markets. In addition to operations logistics (inventory, staff training, etc.), we work with media consultants to bring public relations to bear on your behalf, supporting each aspect of your company's debut, and long after.

Espresso and Coffee Brewing Training

Our widely used training programs were built with your long-term business in mind, to give you a consistently satisfied customer base. We have trained baristas from behind the bar to numerous regional, national and world competition podiums.

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