Single Origin Shots

Congratulations, Stefanos!

Brewed Behavior had the honor of training Stefanos Domatiotis for his appearance at the 2012 WBC in Vienna. As many of you have known since April, he placed 5th in the competition, which will give him greater visibility on the global coffee stage.

But as the six-time reigning Greek Barista Champion, he was already the face of specialty coffee in Greece, and for good reason. He puts a ton of work and heart into his craft, making great coffee, and he can charm any café customer or a barista-competition crowd with his enthusiasm. Working his day job at Taf in Athens, Stefanos is a barista and operations manager, and it’s Taf’s coffees that he represents in competition. (Congratulations, Taf!)

We’re proud of the job Stefanos did at the WBC, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for him.

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