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Coffee Quality Control: How Are You Getting Yours?

Over the past four years, many of our coffee roaster clients have asked us to help them manage their coffee quality, both green and roasted. They seem to appreciate an outside opinion on their coffee, while also eliminating some of their workload. In the rush to get the best coffees and roast them to perfection, and to maintain high standards, we’ve found that these services are vital to our customers.

Here’s what we’ve been doing for several of our roaster clients on a monthly basis:

1. We source green coffee for roasters. We take on the sourcing to best-fit, pre-agreed demographics, volumes and qualities. We train green buyers and roasters over time via origin travel and introductions to producers, processing education and logistics.

2. We create roast profiles for green coffees that roasters send us. We take delivery of green samples, grade them, and evaluate for the most natural roast-profile possibilities. Once refined, we ship samples to the client along with supporting data to replicate their preferred profile. We continue to help them source the right green coffees to keep their roast qualities intact.

3. Evaluation and maintenance of roasted coffee. Roasters send us roasted coffee samples, and we grade them using Coffee Quality Institute scoring standards. When their coffees score well, that’s of course great, and we encourage them to really promote these coffees. When the coffees don’t perform well, we provide specific feedback on what might be done to improve the roast.

Several clients are using our quality control services as a launching pad for their top-tier specialty coffees. One such client is Taf Coffee, which has created a label for its coffees that score 86 or above. They do a great job of marketing them, and the label is a symbol of coffee quality in Greece, where Taf Coffee is located.

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