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Ramacafe-Micro Lots and Micro Relationships

RAMACAFE, August 28-31, 2011

Managua, Nicaragua

Featured Presentation: “Micro Lots and Micro Relationships”

More and more roasters are making conscious decisions to travel to coffee growing countries, being away from their shops at a time when profits are more difficult to achieve. This is done in hopes of seeking exclusive buying relationships with coffee growers, customized quality standards and traceable buying practices.

This panel discussion will cover the “how to’s” of finding, creating and maintaining relationships with micro lot buyers, the logistics for “how” to conduct these relationships once forged, and finally a look at both the future of micro lot coffees and direct relationships.

Presented by the following pioneers in micro lot evolution, in consuming countries:

Tony Konecny is the founder of Tonx, a new consumer-focused, boutique online coffee roaster based in Los Angeles, California. He began his coffee career in Seattle as head roaster for the seminal Victrola Coffee and became an influential figure in the growing the “third wave” coffee movement. In 2006, he moved to Los Angeles and oversaw the design and creation of Intelligentsia Coffee’s genre-breaking Silver Lake retail shop.

In 2008, as coffee curator for the inaugural Slow Food Nation weekend, Tony designed and coordinated a temporary coffee bar to serve 10,000 patrons with a deep emphasis on the role of coffee producers. As a consultant he focuses on new retail concepts and improving the customer experience and perception of specialty coffees.

Poul Mark founded Transcend Coffee in 2006 with a passion for great coffee and community. In a few short years, Poul has built a thriving and multi-faceted business and has established himself as an expert in coffee. He has been invited to judge several international coffee competitions, including the Best of Panama, Rainforest Alliance cupping for quality, the 2009 El Salvador Cup of Excellence, and the 2010 Honduras Cup of Excellence. Poul is also a Q-grader, who invests a significant amount of time traveling to the countries where coffee is grown to meet coffee farmers face to face, to develop direct-trade relationships and find some of the very best green coffees in the world. Most recently, Poul was asked by FH Burundi to work with producers in the Kayanza region, to help improve quality with the hopes of producing micro lots, which will be marketed to specialty roasters in North America.

Transcend Coffee is a Canadian specialty coffee roaster operating three cafés in Edmonton, Alberta and an online store focused on bringing the very best coffees from around the world to North American coffee drinkers. Transcend travels the globe, meeting directly with coffee farmers, paying some of the highest prices to ensure the highest quality and encourage true sustainability in coffee growing countries. Transcend Coffee purchases micro lots, which are roasted in small batches and ships fresh roasted coffee to the US and Canada.

Moderated by long time specialty coffee industry veteran and consultant to producers and roasters globally Mr. Tracy Allen.

Tracy Allen is CEO of Brewed Behavior. He grew up in a Midwest farming community upon graduating from the University of Missouri with a B.A. in Economics. He then joined Procter and Gamble to take on the newly created position of Beverage Specialist. Having experimented with home roasting for years, Allen was charged with developing the Folgers and Millstone brands. He went on to manage operations for a small Midwest specialty coffee roaster, which led him to co-own Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Co., where he launched and grew Zoka’s wholesale division. As one of the original members of the U.S. Barista Championship Committee and the first chair of the Rules and Regulations committee for the World Barista Championship, he has trained multiple national and regional barista champions and served as a judge and judges’ trainer for the USBC and WBC. He is also an SCAA “Supertaster,” certified cupper, and Q-grader instructor. Most recently, Allen was recognized as the sixth member of the SCAA to receive the Mose L. Drachman Award for Outstanding Sales & Service.

Brewed Behavior was founded to offer comprehensive support to all segments of the coffee industry. Brewed Behavior’s approach to consulting involves changing behaviors through education in addition to providing strategy and solutions at every touch point. Brewed Behavior works primarily with coffee roasters and producing countries to improve their internal operations.Visit

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