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Consumer Behavior for the Holidays.

With unemployment hovering around 10% in the U.S. there’s a good chance that consumers will be more focused on paying down debt and looking for deep discounts on the items/ gifts they have to buy. Interestingly, the largest retailer in the world is offering free shipping on select items through the 20th of December. They don’t put items on sale, as that would reflect poorly on their reputation of their “Low Prices Everyday”. This approach adds value and consumers will succumb to value added similarly to price discounts.

Why the sudden attention to online shopping by the king of bog box stores? The new generations of recession survivors are programmed for price shopping, which is easier online. Online is 24/7 can be done from home with more selection, while listening to music, drinking a glass of wine and /or a press of Hacienda La Esmeralda or any other combination of tasks. Gasoline while better some days than others remains a consideration, technically could be added to price of purchases on site. All this and no waiting in line, time constraints, weather considerations or parking. reports the following feedback form a past holiday survey; 38% began shopping in October, and 22% November 1st with the busiest shopping day of the season being “Cyber- Monday” the Monday after Thanksgiving when people return to work. While 60% admitted shopping on or before November 1st fear not,  70% also reported still buying gifts up to the last minute. They key now is offering a product that will trigger an impulse buy, a blaring call to action outside the norm.  Doing this alleviates the need to compete on price, discount, or devalue.

For instance both roaster and retailers here’s a case of using a box to think outside the box.  Urnex Brands offer the new 1,2 Brew Kit a well designed box, filled with Cleancaf Cleaner, Dezcal Descaler, Grindz, and scoop and bag clip with a window to add a pound of your own coffee. These are limited and available online, Josh Dick just forwarded me a sell sheet on it. Email him at  [email protected] tell him I told you and he will send you the info. When you see these, you will immediately feel the call to action opportunity to add value to your retail store, wholesale business, gift giving and more. If it sounds like an endorsement it probably is but of course unpaid.

Thanks and Happy Holiday’s,

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