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Brewed Behavior to Offer Q-Grader Certification and SCAA Cupping Judge Course in Los Angeles Area.

November 29th –December 3rd

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Tracy Allen      Founder & CEO                             Brewed Behavior

Phuong Tran   Director of Coffee Education      Brewed Behavior

Amy Wyatt      Director of Sales and Support     Grounded Coffee Co.

SCAA Lab in Long Beach, CA.

About the Q-Grader Certification Process.

At the backbone of the Q Grading System are Licensed Q Graders, professional cuppers accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute. These Q Graders must pass a rigorous three-day exam to earn their certification, comprising of 22 sections on coffee related subjects, such as green grading, roast identification, coffee cupping, sensory skills and sensory triangulation. There are currently over 800 Licensed Q Graders worldwide.

Those who pass the Q Grader Certification Course are authorized to use the Q logo and the nomenclature “Licensed Q Grader” as a professional accreditation.

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