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Q Grader Course- Athens, Greece

From Cafe Taf; Athens, Greece.


The Q Grader Program is the first professional accreditation for cuppers, coffee roasters and coffee graders recognised worldwide. The Q Grading System actually introduces a common language related to coffee grading and a recognised numerical scale up to 100 for cuppers around the world.

Q Graders must pass a demanding exam to earn their certification, which comprises of sections on coffee related subjects (sensory skills test, olfactory test, triangulation test, green coffee grading, roasted sample identification and more).

There are currently over 800 Licensed Q Graders worldwide.

The Q Grader course that will take place in Athens, Greece 27/09/10-01/10/10 at the Taf Lab is a great opportunity for European roasters, cuppers and Baristas.

Course instructor is Tracy Allen, Founder and CEO of Brewed Behavior. (

The Taf Lab was created by Yiannis Taloumis – owner of Taf and Q Grader (01/2010).

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