Single Origin Shots


Thanks to  Jill Adams Director of The Coffee Academy in Melbourne, I was recently invited to conduct a series of workshops in Australia.

The first workshop took place near Brisbane on the Gold Coast, 14 students, 4 roasters and a week of roasting, coupled with cupping and green grading aspects to bring it all together.The second took place in Melbourne, half the students one roaster and 4 days of class time, more of the parallels between selection, grading, roasting and cupping were covered.

An amazing food and coffee culture exists in Melbourne, tremendous commitment to quality and a few challenges sourcing the finest coffees, but overall, an unknown on the global list of cities with this type of culture. Most every restaurant served fine food, will even better attention to detail. A lady server at St. Ali wowed us one night as she effortlessly paired food with wines, and food with coffees, we bit in a big way, truly amazing.

The coffee scene in Melbourne is loaded with committed coffee disciples, even attention to roasting and serving detail, all trying to overcome the obstacles that come with gaining access to better and better green supply. Places like, Seven Seeds, Auction Rooms, St. Ali.,Sensory Labs, Proud Mary, Coffee Hit,Market Lane and our hosts the  Dimatinna family are all giving coffee the props it deserves.In addition 5 Senses is supplying top quality coffees, with training to match as a wholesale roaster only.

The final day, I spent in Sydney, visiting Mecca Coffee and cupping Costa’s  at Paul’s roastery, another operation championing the cause of buy the best, prepare it the best, a great way to wrap up the trip.

To say, I was wowed is an understatement, and I can’t wait to get back. Cheers guys!

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