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Take a Look Back to See Forward.

Inspiration comes from different sources to different people, I can only assume it’s a commonality to us all. In my case, getting over the hump that is the “Holidays”, devoting time focused solely on my family, reflecting on the passing year and looking forward. It’s always been a sort of cleansing process to throw out the old, and get a fresh start on new opportunities. So here we are, two weeks into twenty-ten, almost ready to discontinue writing 2009 on documents, such as checks and contracts.

The past year was testing for all of us, not many are struggling to let go of it, I suspect. But at closer look, we have to agree, the “recession” or downward economy exposed our weaknesses, causing us to dig in or bail out. There was clearly no in-between safe harbor to cling onto. So, if you consider the coffee industry’s measure of success has been “that we get to open tomorrow”, then for 70% of you who survived 2009, you had a successful year. Perhaps your P & L statement states otherwise, intrinsically, you persevered a “boot camp” of sorts, and are likely better prepared to perform the business function of your business than ever before. In short, behaviors were changed; those who adapted or embraced change, improved efficiencies, and are prepared to fight forward in the long run.

Don’t get too comfortable just yet, obviously the seas are not restored to calm, nor will they like return to their previous state anytime soon. Simply utilize new tools, social media, expenses, disciplines attained in the past year, and vow to resist the urge to return to your prior comfort zone. You’ve been given a second chance, live every minute of everyday the “new” way, you can never get a minute past back.

It’s only a matter of time before consumer confidence senses this more stable economic environment, and in turn banks will free up lending a little more at a time. Borrowing will return, production will crank up, sales will grow, and a new level of balance will exist.

Best to you in the new year.

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