Single Origin Shots


January 29, 2010

Every once in awhile a project comes along that simply presents a fresh dynamic; one such has evolved in Italy. Typically our primary focus is creating or improving operations and then establish the marketing linkages for roasting operators. In lay terms we create behaviors first within the spectrum of people, product, process and profits, and then we tie it all together by way of a marketing blueprint.

However this particular project involves a pedigreed brand, synonymous with perfection, not just quality, but perfection. A strong brand, recognized globally amongst people in most every demographic however just entering the specialty coffee arena. Our scope of work is to take the current input variables and craft a flawless operation. Or as I like to refer to it; the body of a thoroughbred sports car has been crafted, it’s up to Brewed Behavior to engineer the undercarriage and inject the horsepower.

It all Sounds simple perhaps, but the challenge lies in the static variables we must operate within. After a week on-site analyzing the situation from top to bottom we clearly have our work cut out for us. The expected deliverables are to be perfection of course in order to support the brand nothing less. In a country steeped in coffee culture, the risks lie in differentiation; while the UVP will be for the global market it all begins in Italy.


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