Single Origin Shots

Barista Jam in Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia

17- December 2009

Often an international consulting project will include making an introduction to the world of specialty coffee not only to the client, but the region or country, a current project in Nova Scotia is one of those projects. After months working with this roaster internally it was time to open their doors and invite other coffee companies to come in share the knowledge. It never gets old, seeing the awkwardness of “fierce competitors” by day in true Barista spirit in the early stages of  creating fraternal bonds by night. No other group in the industry has a more impressive dynamic than the Barista’s, the simply check their egos and make friends quickly and solidly. This is where raising the bar benefits, the espresso culture is growing because Barista’s are sharing their journeys, and pushing each other to raise awareness and expectations one cup at a time. So here we are in eastern Canada, it reminds me of the early years judging The Canadian Nationals in western Canada not too long ago. Like the states, most trends begin on the west coast, travel to the east and then fill in the middle over time, Canadian’s are in for a treat. The jam was opened by Nicole from Just Us, a few words of inspiration by myself and past WBC finalist and past Canadian National Champion Mike Yung demonstrated the look and feel of a real Barista competition. A cupping of different coffees, under extracted, over extracted and of course dialed in on the Tru Bru. Some hands on via the two GB-3’s for each Barista, some latte art, smack talking and so it was time to say goodbye until next time.

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