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UAE Specialty Coffee and Tea Show, Dubai

November 7, 2009


Arriving in Dubai after a 15 hour direct flight you might think that I would be wiped out. However, thanks to my friend and fitness guru Clay Enos, I fasted and while uncomfortable from the seat time, my body was ready for dinner with friends. Off to the new Atlantis Hotel for amazing Lebanese food, and without a doubt the most gifted entertainment staff I have ever witnessed.

The next day the show opened to a light show to say the least, however the intention was to get the show started knowing the curve would be a couple of years. So my talk about “Global Trends in Coffee Consumption” was first, the questions were solid and the enthusiasm was genuine, all good indicators of potential.

Afterwards, I began judging the 1st UAE Barista Competition on center stage of the trade show. Reminded me of all the first time regional’s when we were building up the USBC in the early years, tons of heart just need a little time. As a result a past champion from India had relocated to Dubai to work with Caribou, congrats Vikram Kashyap, see you in London.

As always great to see the strength and guidance of the specialty coffee circle come together in a new part of the world. My compliments to Ric, Marcus, May and all those who pulled it together and contributed to it’s success.

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