Single Origin Shots

Tell Them How You Feel.

Milwaukee, WI
November 30, 2009

Over the past few days the Thanksgiving holiday has given me time to wind down and ponder the macro. Roasters usually contact Brewed Behavior for a few basic reasons; Start up, Fix up or Shut up. As you might guess few in the U.S. are starting up. However, a trend for retailers to become roaster/retailers continues to gain momentum. The “Fix Up’s” are typically a two-day on-site situation analysis followed by a report outlining conclusions and recommendations sometime leading to an additional scope of work proposal. Those with few remaining options are often looking for help to liquidate or perhaps a merger. Not always are larger roasters standing by to take on the struggling business models, but on occasion it does happen.

As we consult with start ups it occurred to me that the glaring common denominator was the “Fix Up’s were doing relatively well, but need to asses their Value Proposal, and communicate it to their staff top to bottom. This exercise continues to be the most requested service we perform, seems simple, but typically one or a few at the top have a loose idea of their vision for the company. And if they do have a clear, concise, cohesive vision, it typically doesn’t trickle down among the ranks. More importantly how each member of the ranks contributes to that vision?

Of course the unsuccessful are quick to regret their shortcomings as a leader, possibly hiding in their office, or flying to origin in excess and ultimately failing to communicate with the staff. These are the lessons learned when we fail to recognize staff as the simplest competitive advantage in our arsenal.

So during the holidays take time to personally look each of your team in the eye, and remind them of their value in the big picture, the ROI is immeasurable immediately, priceless in the long run. If you need help defining or redefining your UVP we can help, go to, click on “Contact” and let us know, we change behaviors in coffee at every touch point.

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