Single Origin Shots


November, 16 2009

Little Rock, AR

After 4 or 5 prior classes it seems to be catching on, this month’s class is at capacity from as far away as Canada and Australia. They come with hopes to be challenged, and to ultimately validate what they think they know. A full week of testing sensory, olfactory, triangulation, and of course cupping skills in general. Score too low, and go home with a sharper look at your weaknesses exposed, score high enough and become a certified Q grader, just below and you are an SCAA Star Cupper. Regardless, it’s a unified movement to create a common language towards assessing coffee, identifying traits is one thing, effectively communicating is another. The first step is to want to contribute the improvement of the value chain between producer and end user. The second is to commit to exposing your skill set for a week of evaluation and perhaps validation, calibrating your tool kit with others around the globe. Regardless, these steps while not perfect, are in the right direction, giving feedback to producers is crucial, them understanding and reacting accordingly is priceless. Thanks to Ted and staff for the vision of the CQI  ( mission, the big picture becomes clearer everyday. And congratulations to this class of students 100% pass ratio, a first!

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