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Coffeefest Seattle

September 26th, 2009

From Ecuador to Seattle for Coffeefest, long flight but worth it to see Seattle again. The Fall Coffeefest is always a wonderful gathering of the fraternal machine of specialty coffee. I was there to speak on “Unique Value Propositions for Roasters”. The time slot was early Sunday morning and it was the first stab at a wholesale roaster focused talk, the crowd was small and engaging. With exception of a few AV quirks, the material was disbursed and solid feedback came in the way of questions. I would give a hundred talks like that over a stadium full of un-engaging dialogue. I felt I left the stage having disseminated information that will make each of them better, so mission accomplished. Looks like we’ll be doing it again in New York on February 5th.

Thanks to David and Coffeefest.

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