Single Origin Shots

Who You Are, What You Are, And…What People Say About You.

The ability to clearly identify your potential customer and to truly “know” your current customer is reflective of how well you know your business. What you think your business is, may not match up with public perception. What I am referring to is; are you in or out of touch? If you answered out, or if you even hesitated, you may lack the grasp of your customers needs necessary to get them where they need to be. Have you ever lost an account to a start up or a company you know possesses a lesser quality coffee than you? Well, here’s a good place to look for your answer.

Breaking it down into sales, how soon do you know when you may be losing, or have lost a customer? Seeing the signs before it is too late is impertinent, but it easier to never give them reason to even consider it. Think you know your customers so well ,they are all content and won’t dare think of listening to one of your competitors? I think you may be guessing, the statistics speak for themselves, most businesses are. If not, the word “churn” would have never been adapted to the salespersons’ slanguage. I humbly submit that the reason it so hard to hang on to customers, is because you land them and then lose touch with them while chasing more new ones.

Most of the roasters I meet with during the initial visit make it clear to me they trust their “gut” over empirical data. This is usually the first of a series of red flags during the situation analysis. Of course your gut is a good swing vote, you should never depend on it entirely, it resonates that you are “comfortable”. Empirical data, while complicated to gather and often worse analyze and apply, will always prove more accurate. Trust me, I have solid empirical data to prove it.

Who survey? Current-Future and Past Customers.

How to survey?  Phone, Email, Hardcopy, Electronic.

What format?  Ask a mix of Yes/No, Multiple Choice and Open Ended Questions.

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