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What is So Unique About Your Value Proposition?

The Power of the UVP

If you take a good look all around you it’s likely you will discover that many of your competitors are investing a great deal of resources in marketing differentiation. Unless they can tie it all together neatly, their efforts are in vain. Much like your mission statement, your UVP must be consistent. Everything you say, do, produce or print must point back to and align with your UVP.

For clarity, your UVP is different from your mission.  The mission should define why you exist, but the UVP defines why those associated should care that you exist.  Competitors of your organization, or of specific programs and services, may have similar missions, but their UVP will be different…it is a “unique” value proposition.  By definition, it must be different!

It is why your customers will want to do business with you. Do you have one? Is it specified or implied, need help? Get all the tools you need to identify and create your UVP at our workshop titled” Unique Value Proposals for Roasters”, Sunday September 27th at 9:00 am- “Coffeefest” Seattle, WA.

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